United Medical has gathered many dedicated professional medical personnel and well-known experts in various medical fields to provide guidance on all matters of women’s health. We have made solid progress in the field of obstetrics, gynaecology, IUI, IVF, ICSI and continually strive for excellence.

Your health and wellness journey is our priority.

Nine reasons to choose United Medical:
  1. United Medical specialises in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Infertility (IUI, IVF, ICSI) treatments.

Our specialist clinic understands the needs & expectations of local & foreign patients:

10 Sinaran Drive, #11-05 Novena Medical Centre, Singapore 307506.

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  1. Comprehensive suite of Obstetrics & Gynaecology services

United Medical Specialist clinic offers a complete women’s healthcare service. Understanding and compassion, matched with highly developed skills and knowledge, makes us a truly distinguished practice.


3. Our Packages:

  1. Antenatal Package (A & B)
  2. Delivery & Postnatal Care
  3. Health Screening
  4. Fertility Screening

For more information, please click: Our Packages


  1. We empower our patients

By providing comprehensive information and education throughout the process, you will be better-equipped to understand the various treatment options, thereby putting your mind at ease.


  1. We aim to provide a stress-free experience

Being parents ourselves, we understand fully the anxiety that can accompany the journey to parenthood. This worry can in turn affect the treatment outcome, so we do our best to minimise stress by taking a holistic and patient-centred approach to care.


  1. Patient Support and Personalised Care

We work closely with patients to offer personalised treatment. From the beginning of the journey, we will map out together with you a unique treatment plan to fit your schedule and address any medical and emotional challenges along the way.


  1. Flexibility

As each patient is unique, we plan & customize treatments to suit your very own needs and requirements, something that is particularly important for patients from overseas.


  1. Joint IVF Management

We offer successful Joint IVF programmes with O&G specialists (both locally and abroad) who do not practise IVF. These doctors send patients with IVF needs to us for individualised care, all the while keeping abreast of the patient’s progress while under our care. When the patient returns to their home country, they continue to be cared for by their usual gynaecologist until such time as they need.


  1. Team Excellence

Our nurses and administrative staff possess a wealth of experience. We take pride in offering the latest knowledge in the field of O&G and Fertility. For enquiries or appointment bookings, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

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